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J & J Etc
OhioSummit CountyAkron(330) 745-0053

We specialize in network design, development, and installation. We custom build systems for our customers to understand the needs of their job. With over sixty years of knowledge in the Electronics Industry delivering services and support. To supply the best products and services within the Computer Industry through continuing education, dedication, and reliability.

B & C Communications
OhioSummit CountyAkron(330) 773-5129

Motorola two-way radios offer solutions that better allow you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your workforce. B & C Communications is an Ohio Corporation that was established in November 1963 in Washington Court House, Ohio as an Authorized Motorola Service Station.

Stellar Private Cable Systems
OhioSummit CountyAkron(330) 633-7770

Private cable offers lowest cost monthly programming fee! Complete systems installed with no up-front cost. SeniorTV is private cable television service provided nationwide by Stellar Private Cable Systems. We provide consulting, engineering, installation and programming service to help each facility.

Akron Antique Audio
OhioSummit CountyAkron(330) 849-9779

How did you hear about our site? This is our full time and only job and we love what we do! We have a comprehensive well equipped modern Service Department with over 90 years of combined expertise in tube audio and electronics and an on premises Cabinet shop. You've discovered the Internet's premier source of great prices and range on quality antique audio gear.

Tri-City Communication
OhioSummit CountyBarberton (6.62 miles)(330) 745-7451

Began in 1971, Tri City has more than a quarter century of standing behind every electronic solution we've installed. i am proud to announce that word-of- mouth referrals have always...

Dale's Color TV & Appliance
OhioSummit CountyBath (7.51 miles)(330) 659-6967

Dale's TV is your solution for electronic repair. Today's electronic devices have come a long way since the 1st tube sets. They have become complex, precision devices and need a trained...

OhioSummit CountyRichfield (12.63 miles)(330) 659-3333

MAS will give you the range, service, and flexibility you are searching for in a distributor for your appliances and consumer electronics. If you are searching for these, then we're...

Schuster Electric
OhioSummit CountyTwinsburg (17.40 miles)(330) 425-8134

Wireless, not just your cell phone. Trusted Wireless Ethernet Phoenix Contact is glad to announce the addition of the RAD-ISM-900-ENBUS to the wireless product family. The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BUS...

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